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Roots and Branches

Magic That Will Make You Cry

True astonishment is a thing of beauty when it is properly captured. Dean Dill is one man who has captured it. Mr. Dill’s coin magic is clean, simple, slow, deliberate and down-right majestic. As silly as this may sound, I am moved to tears often by the beauty and the …


The Art of Astonishment

A Letter to My Clients As an event entertainer who uses magic as part of my act, I’m often asked the question, “What is Magic?” or “Is Magic Real?” The answer to the latter lies in the answer to the former. One of the magicians I’ve studied is someone that …


Thoughts Govern Action

Suddenly, Max was aware of his surroundings; he was in a hospital. The last thing he could remember was a total stranger telling him that he didn’t look well. Slowly he began to remember that more than one person had told him that he didn’t look well. In fact, five …