Animal Magnetism

History This was an idea I captured in my journal several years ago. The effect is a simple idea that I’ve played around with, but I’ve never performed it. However, I think you’ll immediately see the potential. It’s based on those small “Magic Grow” animals for kids. A small capsule, …


Marketing by Flourishes

Show off You’re probably sick of me braggin’ about how fast I can solve the Rubik’s cube, but just in case you’re not, my average speed is under 35 seconds. My best time is 24 seconds. I never leave home without my Rubik’s cube. I leave one in the car …


Free Your Mind

Remember the day when the world was all abuzz with murmurings of that David Copperfield guy making the Statue of Liberty vanish? I wonder how that brainstorming session went. Did his team think he was crazy? How did he come up with the idea? Did he have the method or …

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